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Change of Land Use

e-CLU is an e-Governance service where applicants can file Change in Land Use (CLU) application and make payments for land situated in Controlled Area under GMDA. Online Filing automates CLU permission process and aims to put the application in public domain where the applicant submits the applications with the relevant fee submission to the Department and finally receives the permission. It enables authorities to check the application related documents and follow the approval processes.

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List of Approved CLU Cases

# Name of Applicant File No. View
1 AYB Designs and Crafts Pvt. Ltd CLU-1523001916519 View
2 Anil Kumar CLU-1523010622366 View
3 Rahul Yadav CLU-1523022590004 View
4 Om parkash & Smt Parsandi CLU-1523127821131 View
5 Mithlesh Kumar CLU-1523128186473 View
6 Sandeep Kumar and Sudhir Kumar CLU-1524547344169 View
7 Gurgaon City Lions Services Trust CLU-1524637812835 View
8 JMD Fuel CLU-1524640926373 View
9 Pandit Mahavir Parsad Edu. Society CLU-1524751508994 View
10 Devraj CLU-1525257326687 View
11 Sh. Zhagender Yadav and Etc. CLU-1525785391737 View
12 TCI Express Limited CLU-1526379401168 View
13 M/s Transport Corporation of India Limited CLU-1526453662181 View
14 SANGEETA YADAV CLU-1526888030024 View
15 PREETI RAJ YADAV CLU-1526996420509 View
16 MITSUBA SICAL INDIA PVT. LTD. CLU-1527585852295 View
17 SHOBHA SUNIL JAIN CLU-1531990826690 View
18 Sh. Ranbir Singh & others CLU-1533812895672 View
19 HEMANT KUMAR AND OTHERS CLU-1534923494319 View
20 Badri Bhagat Jhandewala Temple Society CLU-1539063765464 View
21 Roshni Devi, Balraj & Sheoraj CLU-1539412304381 View
23 Govind Solanki CLU-1551859400325 View
24 SHARDA DEVI CLU-1556019980686 View
25 DINESH KUMAR CLU-1556020822923 View
26 Sh. Jitender S/o Sh. Pratap Singh CLU-1556434251853 View
27 Somender Singh CLU-1559562809665 View